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schematic power ampli IC AN 7164

hello friend,, bloggers all on this occasion I will give power amplifier AN7164 tutorial scheme, in my post I will say a scheme using a power amplifier ic AN7164, where power is widely used as a booster amplifier, especially at the power amplifier using the polytron.dengan this power you do not have to worry about the end result of this power, more details if friends want to make it so the stereo power amps then had to use the two circuits, because 1 ic only 1 amp / amp mono.pada scheme is not much use even components arguably a very simple, practical you can plug in a narrow place sekalipun.sebagai scheme example you can see below:

Power amps Polytron 7164 AN IC’s output of 60 Watt mono x 2 = 120 watt stereo assuming a DC voltage+ 30V / 6A, to get the AN 7164 IC components are still many are sold at electronic stores in your neighborhood, if the price please ask alone, for all the components and size information already exists in the schematic, if friends want to have a schematic power amplifier IC AN Polytron 7164 is simply copied and save it in your document and its own corresponding components in the existing detailed on the schematic.
it feels quite this first yes friends, although it may be helpful simple and beneficial to those who read, of course there are drawbacks to the criticisms and suggestions I expect all of my friends for the sake of improvement.
Eventually enough so first yes dear friends, thank you for your attention and visits in this Blog.

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